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September 21, 2009

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Comic book industry gets first graphic novel exclusive to iPhone

'The Carrier' uses latest in mobile technology to give readers a complete, digital fiction experience.

PHILADELPHIA – The Carrier, a complete original graphic novel by author Evan Young, is now available worldwide. This marks a watershed moment for the American comic book industry: The Carrier is the first graphic novel to be published exclusively on the iPhone.

"For the first time, a complete original graphic novel has been published exclusively on a mobile device in the United States," says Evan Young, creator of the story and co-founder of StopWatch Media, the company behind The Carrier. "This is not simply a single-issue comic book or a graphic novel that has already appeared in print and been repurposed for the iPhone. The Carrier is a complete, original graphic novel published first and only on the iPhone, integrating the iPhone's core technological capabilities into a creative storytelling experience," he says.

And technology is a significant part of what makes The Carrier unique: the iPhone app, which can be downloaded at The Carrier's App Store page, utilizes mobile technology in its storyline and taps into the full power of the iPhone as a platform for integrating geolocation services, messaging, email and more. The result is that each reader comes away with a personalized experience.

"The iPhone offers an incredible platform for offering a rich multimedia experience to readers. We know where they are when they read a page, and we incorporate that into the experience as the story unfolds," says Geoffrey Young, developer of The Carrier application and along with his brother Evan, the other founder of StopWatch Media.

"There are many e-book applications out there, but they focus on re-creating a 'just-like-print' experience. The Carrier moves beyond this and into using a fully programmable mobile device to tell a layered story in entirely new ways," he says.

Perhaps the most unique digital twist to The Carrier is the real-time format in which this globe-spanning action and espionage adventure is told. The Carrier is told in real time for 35 chapters over the course of ten days. When action happens in the story it is revealed at that time in real life, with each chapter becoming available only as events unfold. Each reader gets their own unique timeline regardless of when they download or start reading the app, a technological innovation developed by Geoffrey.

"The real-time aspect of The Carrier adds another creative angle to the story that allows for further individual customization," says Geoffrey. "For example, 45 minutes after the reader first launches the app, they are notified – by both Push messages and a custom email that includes the reader's local weather report – that a new chapter is available. No two users will have the exact same experience, and it's all made possible through the flexibility and constant connectivity the iPhone provides," he says.

"In all, The Carrier offers a complete digital comic book experience, and marks a fundamental shift in comic book storytelling away from the confines of print publishing and into an exciting new mobile arena," says Evan.

There are two versions of The Carrier available in the iTunes App Store. The Carrier's full real-time version is available for $5.99; The Carrier Lite, a preview containing only the first chapter, is available for free. Full details about The Carrier can be found at

StopWatch Media, which can be found at, is a mobile applications developing company based in Philadelphia. The Carrier is the company's second iPhone app; the first, Clinical Trials, was released in April to the mobile health care market. For The Carrier's push notification services, StopWatch Media has partnered with Urban Airship, one of the top iPhone push notification and in-app purchase service providers.

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